Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Is something free, to good to be true?

Right guys, I will try not to rant too much! But as a fellow photographer this rather agitated me. 

About a month ago I got a call from SnappySnaps, telling me that I had 'Won' competition I had entered for a 'Free' photo-shoot (I get 1 free photo!), so obviously this would get me a tad excited (plus I rarely win anything). 

So me and my boyfriend went a week later to  have the photo-shoot. The lady was kind of nice, despite her saying "whisper dirty things in his ear" which made me feel mega uncomfortable. We got into it, and booked to come back a week later for a viewing. 

So a week later, It was time for the viewing, the lady forgot we was even booked in for one (now this seems a tad weird considering, she was ringing me when I was 5 minutes late for the shoot). 
We then had to wait for everything to be loaded which took about 10 minutes. As we were looking through the photos, we decided ones we didn't want, while she tried to tell us they were good...anyways cut a long story short, she was very rude when we decided we only wanted to buy one (of course still getting our free one aswell!) and tried getting us to buy more, I totally understand this is her job, but you don't get all unfriendly because your customer doesn't want to buy your products right there and then (or at all). 

When we finally got the photo and the free one (although this also was major effort, it took longer than said, and I wasted time keep going up to the shop!) the photos were a tad blurry and not worth £30. 

Now I am a photographer, I sell my own photos, I dont appreciate basically being taken for a fool, because she thinks I have no idea how it all works. 

I still had to edit it when scanned in to my computer. 

So to all you girls&guys out there, don't give in when someone is forcing you to buy something which you do not want to! Smile and politely decline ^_^ 

R x

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