Friday, 11 May 2012

In the Garden!

We decided to put Dodge outside with our tortoise Button (while the rain stayed away!), he liked to sniff her alot, but that was about it :-) 

Dodge's new friend Button :-) just chilling! 
Dodge has a little sniff.
Going on an adventure together. Were off to see the wizard! 

So while I was taking these photos of dodge and Button, I noticed a little nest of spiders!

Not all of them have hatched yet, but there sure are alot! 

I would hate to poke it! they would run everywhere!

I tried to get in real close, by doing so I feel so awfully itchy :( 

Walking along the tightrope ^_^ 

I took advantage of the not so rainy weather, and got some good shots of the Dodge, Button, and the bazillion of baby spiders!

R x

1 comment:

  1. AH! too cute.
    I just got my dog a kitten friend.
    They do not look as peaceful together as dodge and button ^^