^^^ Taken and my 21st birthday meal! ^^^

Im a 21 year old recent graduate, with a BA Hons in Live Television Production, I am currently working in the industry as a production runner. My ultimate goal is to become a camera operator. When Im not working I spend time with my family, and my many little cousins! and also my lovely boyfriend Phil ^_^ we have a hamster called Binky, 5 fish (I rescued them all!) and a crazy mischievous dog called Max! 

What else can I say apart from I am rather short (5ft), a lot of people refer to me as crazy ( I have no idea why!) I like the colour red! My favourite sweet are Fruitella!
 Im not your usual girl, I like gaming, cars, and often help my bf with his ^_^ on the other hand I like curling my hair, looking pretty and sparkly stuff :-) 

My Likes: 

The very first book of Kristen Ashleys I read! 

I love reading my kindle, for a while I have been reading all the books from an author called Kristen Ashley, there are so many, and they are really good, keep you hooked from the first page! 

I also do photography, I studied it at college, but now do it on the side. I have lots of little cousins, so spend lots of time taking photos of them! Genuinely I take photos of whatever, wherever, and whoever I can! 

I like films with action, romance, humour, and fast cars! and I absolutely love 'New Girl'! 

Anyways feel free to take a look around my blog, comment, follow, whatever you wish! 

Rachael x 

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