Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fantasy Shopping

Ok, so you know when you have no money in the bank, but you really really want to do some shopping, and you can't help but search your favourite clothes/shoe websites... 

Well...this is what I ended up doing, I really wish I didn't because I have found sooo many awesome things (ok mostly shoes!) that I cannot buy (yet...but I will own these!) 

These are from Iron Fist, you can get them online from Schuh, I just love the design and the cute little ankle strap! 

Also from Iron fist I found these... 

I could not get enough of the Iron Fist shoes! 

I thought these were pretty awesome too, very british! 

So you guessed it I absolutely love a good pair of heels! (my boyfriend is 6ft 4, whilst I'm 5ft...I need the extra height!) Obviously I will have to wait...But I can still keep my shopping list growing ^_^

R x

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  1. I loveee Iron Fist shoes, though I don't own any. I'm not huge on the skinny heel, but I love so many of the designs. You have fab taste!